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Cities are passing our
SDC and land supply resolutions!

The following City Councils have passed resolutions calling for repeal of ORS 197.296, which mandates that cities maintain a 20-year supply of buildable land within their UGBs, or calling for SDCs to cover the full costs of growth by amending ORS 223.297, et. seq., to add police, fire, library, and school facilities to the list of capital improvements to which SDCs may be applied.

To find out how you can add your city to this list, please visit the links mentioned above.

These cities represent almost 260,000 people.  That's 6.2% of the population of Oregon!

Rogue River is the most recent city.

CITY SDC 20 yr.
Ashland * 20,295
Aumsville 5/13/02 3,815
Cave Junction 5/13/02 1,905
Donald 4/9/02 980
Florence   5/6/02 8,480
Jacksonville   11/05/02 2,840
Lakeview   10/22/02 2,300
Lowell 6/4/02 1,060
North Plains 2/3/02 2,015
Oakridge 5/20/02 3,215
Philomath   3/11/02 4,625
Pilot Rock 10/15/02 1,505
Rogue River 12/26/02 2,145
Salem 5/6/02 157,770
Sherwood   4/23/02 18,575
Turner 4/25/02 1,865
Wallowa 10/8/02 810
West Linn 2/20/02 25,425
Total Population 259,625

* awaiting confirmation of date passed

Population figures are from Portland State University's Population Research Center, 2013 Annual Oregon Population Report.

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