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  Welcome !! 

OCVA's mission is to 1) promote voting on annexations and 2) protect citizen involvement in land-use issues.  If you're new to our site, we invite you to learn more about OCVA and our mission.  If you have questions, items of interest, a link to share, or need help with annexation and growth issues, please contact us.

  Latest news  

OCVA is pleased to introduce our newest affiliate: Grow Philomath Sensibly.  GPS, as they are affectionately known, formed about a year ago in response to a proposed 660 house development in Philomath.  With Jeff's help and mentoring, they organized and defeated this misguided proposal.  They have formed a PAC to raise money to support their efforts and donations are being accepted on their web site. 

GPS is yet another example of citizens getting together to regain control over how their city grows.  Their efforts are reminiscent of the early beginnings of OCVA, where citizens of the areas surrounding Springfield and Philomath were threatened with unwanted development.

OCVA would also like to extend a hearty welcome to our newest Board members: Richard Flacco and Nathan Hightower.  Welcome aboard, gentlemen!

  What We Do  

OCVA's current priorities:

  • Preserving citizens' right to vote on annexations.
  • Increasing the number of Oregonians who have the right to vote on annexations, known in these pages as "VoA."
  • Working to ensure that all annexation voting and all city-initiated annexation actions are fair to all citizens.
  • Ensuring that annexation ordinances are well-implemented and informative.
  • Helping citizens control local growth by demanding that SDCs (impact fees) cover the full costs of growth.

Want more information about these topics?  Use the Issues and Initiatives link in the left margin.  Want to learn more about the land use planning community that OCVA is part of?  Visit our resource page.

  Land Use News  

A quick look at some of the issues we're following...

  • Sherwood annexation measure defeated easily
    The proposed annexation of more than 100 acres of land just south of Sherwood's current city limits has been decisively turned back by voters.  With relatively few votes left to be counted, Measure 34-242 had 3,310 "no" votes to 1,488 "yes." Read more…
  • Annexation survey sparks discussion in Springfield
    A survey from the City of Springfield asking for citizens' perspectives on annexation of some properties to the city has returned the topic of annexation to the foreground in the city.  OCVA has been involved in annexation matters across Oregon for nearly two decades and has released a summary of "pros and cons" of annexation.  It is our hope that our analysis will facilitate more informed discussion and decisions.  Read our analysis here.
  Getting YOUR Right to Vote  

Are you thinking about putting a VoA charter change on the ballot in your town?  Read this guide to learn how!

Does your town already vote on annexations?  If so, the ordinances that dictate annexation procedures are the key to good annexation policy.  Learn the next step: creating a strong Implementing Ordinance.

OCVA continues to fulfill our prime directive: preserving our right to vote on annexations.  We have also successfully helped annexation reform such as placing restrictions on "island annexations" (ORS-222.750).  And we had some success in addressing growth's impact on schools.  Stay current with changes in annexation laws, voting on annexations and much more.  Subscribe to OCVA's E-mail alert list!

  Tools You Can Use  

How to Keep Tabs on the Oregon Legislature:  Here's the "main door" to the Legislature: https://www.oregonlegislature.gov/

Want to know how things work?  Check out How an Idea Becomes Law, a summary of the Legislative process.

Want to find out who YOUR Representative or Senator is?  Find your legislator

Want to know more about a particular bill?  The Oregon Legislative Information System - OLIS - provides almost real-time legislative information on the session, bills and committees.  See all of the important events of the day during the session.  It's all here: bill text, amendments, measure analyses, committee agendas, meeting materials, recording logs, and committee votes.

Want to keep track of a committee's work or a bill's progress?  You can do it using OLIS.  At the top of each OLIS page is a set of buttons:

Choose "Bills" or Committees", then find the bill or committee you want.  Once you're on that page, you'll see "Follow this Bill" or "Follow this Committee" at the top rgiht of the page:

Click the "e-Subscribe Email" link, fill in your e-mail address, and click Submit.  You'll receive an e-mail whenever there's activity on the bill of committee. Simple!

Want to send a message to an elected leader?  Look up your Representative or Senator, then use their "Email:" link to send your message.

Need ideas for your messages to leaders?  You're in the right place!  Follow the Charter Amendment Campaign Responses link to read about common misconceptions about voting on annexations and factual common-sense responses to them. 

We believe "thinking points" are better than talking points because thinking points include convincing explanations so you can "bring your audience along" to the understanding that voting on annexations provides many powerful benefits to citizens and communities.

You will find more "thinking points" in studies of the growth impacts on our Documents page.  Please consider taking time to read and ponder what others have written.  Very soon you will be aware of recurring themes that summarize why voting is so important.

  Other Resources  

Visit our resources page for links to other activist groups, research reports, articles, legislative scorecards, and more!

  Our Humble Beginnings  

Read "Hostile Takeover," our thrilling history of how OCVA was formed and how we beat back legislative attempts to stop us in our tracks.

Updated January 3, 2018