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This page contains links to other organizations and sites with content related to OCVA issues.


Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD)

Oregon State Legislature

1000 Friends of Oregon
1000 Friends of Oregon is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting Oregon's quality of life and encouraging people to participate in land use decisions affecting them.  They work to maintain our farm and forest land, create livable cities, promote citizen involvement, and protect natural areas.  1000 Friends is the state's leading land use watchdog organization.
Grow Philomath Sensibly
GPS was formed by citizens concerned about the impact of 660 new homes on Philomath's schools, water, infrastructure, and community life.  They propose an achievable plan that includes the necessary resources, and benefits current and future residents, not just the developers.
Salem CityWatch
Established in 1997, Salem CityWatch is an independent, nonprofit organization enabling concerned citizens to work together and help shape a better future for our City of Peace.  CityWatch arose from the local Citizens for Responsible Growth Campaign advocating for system development charges (SDCs) that would more fairly apportion development costs to those who benefited most from development, while protecting taxpayers. 
Friends of North Plains
Friends of North Plains' mission is to help our members become more knowledgeable about growth-related activities in North Plains, to encourage citizens to participate in the decision-making processes that affect the town's growth, and to foster discussion about growth and livability in general.
Alternatives to Growth Oregon (AGO)
AGO strives to leave succeeding generations of Oregonians a more economically prosperous, environmentally healthy, and socially just State by encouraging progress toward a sustainable society, and discouraging growth focused on increased population and consumption.
Note: AGO has ceased operations, but their web site contains an archive of their research reports, newsletters, and other useful information.
Minnesotans For Sustainability
The purpose of Minnesotans For Sustainability is to provide information to assist in thoughtful reflection and in preparing decisions encouraging a sustainable Minnesota and United States.  Not specific to Minnesota, almost all of the information presented is national and international in scope.  Be sure to visit their Table of Contents page, which contains a huge repository of documents on growth and sustainability.
Controlling Growth in Our Communities
This website is intended to aid people who want to control growth proactively in their communities.  Its creation was made possible by people from across the U.S. with direct experience in these issues.  Their mission is to help those who struggle against local growth avoid the obstacles and disappointments that veteran activists have encountered along the way.

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