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Issues and Initiatives

OCVA is involved with with a number of issues and initiatives.  Use the links below to get information about each topic area.

Voting on Annexations - the history of citizen votes on annexations, OCVA member cities, how to get "the vote" in your city, and more.

Fair votes on annexations (ORS 195) - So you get to vote on annexations, right?  But what good is it if you live outside the UGB and your vote is pooled with in-city residents, who greatly outnumber you?  Learn more about this unfair interpretation of the ORS 195 annexation law and what you can do when your area is targeted for such an annexation.

SLAPP suits - find out what they are, what you can do about them, and read about the history of OCVA's efforts that resulted in the passage of anti-SLAPP legislation in Oregon in 2001.

Local control of growth - One of our objectives in the 2003 Legislative session will be to push for repeal of ORS 197.296, which mandates that cities maintain a 20-year supply of buildable land within their UGB.  As a way to build momentum, we are urging our member cities to pass resolutions calling for repeal of this rule.  We have sample language for your use.

System Development Charges (SDCs) - are what developers pay (or don't pay) to offset the cost of new development.   Learn about OCVA's efforts to force SDCs to reflect the real costs of growth, including a draft resolution you can submit to your city council.

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